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Scrap Pirates is an exploration 2D platformer. Master the use of your magnetic powers to overcome hinders and collect all the Scrap! The game can be played in both singleplayer and two player local co-op.

This is an early build of the Scrap Pirates Pre-Alpha 0.3, developed in Unity 5, and is subject to change.

The game is playable with both keyboard and Xbox controllers. We recommend playing the game with Xbox controllers, and it is possible to play together using keyboard and one controller.

Just remember to plug in your Xbox controller before starting the game, and for more information please read the readme-file supplied with the game.

Control Schemes


W, A, S, D - Movement + Crouch

Arrow Keys - Movement + Crouch

Space - Jump

Shift - Shoot

C, L - Interact

Ctrl - High Five

X, K - Red Polarity

Z, J - Blue Polarity

Esc - Pause Menu, Back (In Menu)

Enter - Select (In Menu)

Backspace - Back (In Menu)

USB Controller (USB 360 Controller):

Left Stick - Movement + Crouch

D-Pad - Movement + Crouch

A - Jump, Select (In Menu)

X - Shoot

B - Interact, Back (In Menu)

Y - High-Five

LT - Red Polarity

RT - Blue Polarity

Start- Pause Menu


You can either contact us here on itch.io, or write to us using any of these options:

Homepage: scrappirates.com

Facebook: Scrap Pirates

Twitter: scrappirates

E-mail: contact@scrappirates.com

The Development Team

Graphical Artists:
Christoffer Svensson
Anita Stenholm

Level Designers:
Jenny Grip

Nicolina Åkerfelt
Per Johansson

Additional Contributors

Graphical Artists:
Jonna Jarlsson
Ida Lahti

Andrée Henriksson

Walter Tischkewitz


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Can you add support for different controller types cause I don't have a 360 controller

Nice game though, had fun playing it